I am provided with luxury.

I can do without everything that is necessary.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), ir. Writer

Luxury is not a property of things or actions, but arises from a private aesthetic experience: the experience of possessing something that fulfils a purpose, but is not exhausted in it. Luxury is when the "possession of an ostensibly excessive, superfluous or irrationally costly thing is experienced" - according to Lambert Wiesing - as a "stubborn liberation from an appropriating rule of purpose rationalism and efficiency thinking".

Exceptional assets require special advice and support beyond the asset itself and its acquisition or marketing. Rather, it is about their creative integration into a sophisticated real estate asset portfolio, taking into account all relevant compliance issues.

In the German-speaking world, there is no other offer and know-how for luxury assets that is as focused and professional as ours. From a single source. First and foremost: We do not sell anything, but exclusively represent the interests of our clients. For us, consulting means: understanding, looking ahead, analysing and effectively designing and helping. You honour our expertise and the added value of our solutions for your case. Wherever possible, we then agree on a fixed price for the value of our service.

Emotion beats reason: It is easy to fall in love with a special asset and, in the midst of all this emotion, ignore essential legal and tax issues, especially in a cross-border context. In addition, internationally attractive, economical and yet legally secure acquisition and management structures are often unknown. We have been playing this international keyboard for many years and know the possibilities, which we use for you individually after a correspondingly confidential analysis.

To this end, we work together with selected partners and use the specialist know-how of our international network, which we have built up over many years.

We advise and design the best possible legal and tax solution for your premium investments and represent you as lawyers as well as trustees. Personally, professionally and discreetly.

We focus on the high-priced real estate segment and extensive investment portfolios.

Our special focus is on exclusive properties by the sea in Dalmatia/Croatia.