We have been operating in CROATIA for more than 10 years, serving our international clientele also through the Split office throughout the entire life cycle of a Luxury Asset acquisition, structuring and designing asset portfolios, unique know-how secured by scientific background and an unparalleled international service.

In June 2022, my partner and colleague Vedran Anić from our Split/Croatia team and I entered into a new cooperation with Croatia Sotheby's International Realty (CSIR) .

CSIR is active in the high-end area of unique real estate by the sea along the Dalmatian coast and offers predominantly hand-picked objects only from owner to buyer without these objects being visibly "thrown on the market" or appearing on the Internet. Thus a maximum of exclusivity and discretion is offered and we are in the position for prospective buyers also very purposefully after a desire briefing to make suggestions.

Together with my partners Vedran Anić and Ivica Baban on site in Split we advise and accompany the purchase in all legal, fiscal and administrative aspects in full service: From the necessary and intensive legal due diligence of the property (a purchase only makes sense if all cadastral and land registry rights are correct) to the negotiation and drafting of the contracts and acquisition formalities with the parties and authorities to the design of an individually suitable ownership structure. It is also important to know whether the property is to be used exclusively for private purposes or whether it is to be rented out or used entirely for tourism.


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