The inclination towards luxury goes to the depth of a person:

He reveals that the superfluous and inordinate is the water in which his soul prefers to swim.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900), German philosopher, essayist, lyricist and writer

Well, your soul is in good hands with us!

Above all: In our complex profession, we experience again and again how small causes can have big effects. The "beat of the butterfly's wings" describes the "sensitivity to a change in the initial conditions". We pay attention to this and use this effect in a targeted way.

When we accept a mandate, we are committed to the associated interests and agreed objectives and, if somehow possible and we can represent it, we leave no stone unturned to find and implement the best possible solution.

We stand with our name for

  • personal and discreet support at eye level, entrepreneurial empathy for the facts and sound, critical advice with a holistic, international view;
  • Solutions with high individual benefit while minimising risk;
  • international presence and experience: Christoph Schließmann has studied in Switzerland and the USA, among other places, has taught in Austria since the 1990s and has established joint venture and partner offices around the Mediterranean as part of his work as a yacht lawyer.

Every mandate knows facts that set unalterable framework conditions and limits. Beyond that, however, "right" and "wrong" are usually a question of perspective and interests, and the most exciting field of design is the world in between. Against this backdrop, we give our clients an unvarnished view of the respective location, possible options as well as opportunities and risks. We are just as uncomfortable with being told what to say as we are with being instrumentalised.

In our experience, respectful interaction coupled with unvarnished clarity is the best way to work together. If you represent interests, you cannot please everyone, even if a win-win is to be achieved in the end. Mutual loyalty, responsibility, commitment and the will to fight, as well as the courage to be uncomfortable and to find innovative solutions are just as fundamental values for us as self-determination. If you appreciate these values and principles, we are the right partners for you!


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