Prof. Dr Christoph Ph. Schließmann


Prof. Dr Christoph Ph. Schließmann

After training in Germany as well as Switzerland, the USA and the UK and 30 years of professional experience as an ambitious lawyer, I have matured into a personality with rough edges, who looks the facts analytically in the eye, takes a strategic approach and speaks plainly.

Already in my youth, I observed the world of international trade with fascination in my family. Business & law in an international context also became my field of activity. 

  • Law studies in Erlangen-Nuremberg and Munich as well as postgraduate studies in Business Administration in St. Gallen, Stanford and London
  • Harvard Law School Certificate "Contract Law
  • Harvard Business School Certificates in Disruptive Strategies, Sustainable Business and Global Business
  • PhD in Frankfurt am Main
  • Fachanwalt für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht / Bar approved Lawyer for International Business Law
  • Specialist lawyer for labour law
  • Founder of CPS Schließmann Wirtschaftsanwälte 1994 in Frankfurt / M.
  • 16 years lecturer at St. Gallen business schools on international corporate strategy (1991-2007)
  • Honorary Professor for Corporate Management at the University of Salzburg since 2005
  • Lecturer for Entrepreneurship and Business Model Development at MCI Innsbruck since 2000
  • Member of the V-H-B Association of University Teachers of Business Administration e.V.
  • Advanced training certificate of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers and seal of approval of the Chamber of Lawyers Frankfurt

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Activity Focus

  • International Business Law and Business Organisation
  • International specialist for yacht law, especially EU
  • International Corporate Law
  • International turnover tax law

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Vedran Anić, LL.B.

Vedran Anić, LL.B., is my law partner in Split/Croatia with 20 years of experience. For many years we have been connected by a highly trustful and reliable cooperation.

Vedran Anić not only has a solid education, he was among the best of the year at the Law Faculty of the University of Split with the Dean's Award, but as the managing partner of the family law firm in Split, with which we have been associated for years, he proves to be up to the highest professional and human-ethical standards. This is the prerequisite for successfully fulfilling our clientele as well as our demanding international mandates and for growing our joint cooperation.

Vedran Anić sees the whole of a case as well as the details and looks for solutions where others either do not see them or have long since given up. He focuses on luxury real estate in Dalmatia, corporate and civil law, and transactions with excellent contacts in the financial world.

Maria Anwari, LL.M.

After studying law in Mannheim and Heidelberg, Maria Anwari worked for a private bank in Frankfurt am Main. She advised wealthy private clients in the areas of national and international inheritance law, asset succession planning and asset structuring. As an in-house lawyer, she was then responsible for the area of "asset management" from a legal perspective in a large securities bank.

With the Post Graduate Qualification "Inheritance Law, Business Succession & Wealth" - University Degree "Master of Laws" (LL.M.) she then specialized as an attorney in inheritance law (national/international) and wealth succession. Her banking experience, business management and tax law knowledge are a fund from which clients benefit.

In many of our mandates, questions concerning inheritance law and succession play an international role.