The superfluous is the deeply necessary,

because it is the desire of freedom.

Ernst Wilhelm Eschmann (1904-1987), German writer, sociologist and philosopher

Welcome to Luxury Asset Law -

Your full-service law firm for exclusive real estate in Dalmatia


a service department of CPS Schließmann . Business Lawyers . Frankfurt am Main

With over 30 years of experience, we offer advice and assistance in the context of investments and asset dispositions, both in a national and international context.

The acquisition, management and sale of special assets as well as their succession planning is often only a superficial issue. On closer inspection, real estate assets represent significant investments in a carefully designed personal asset portfolio in the midst of a complex and often cross-border environment.

Luxury assets are rarely bought without emotion; the complexity of the transaction requires a calculation that goes far beyond the purchase of conventional goods. In addition, the acquisition of luxury assets is often subject to foreign legal systems and jurisdictions of other countries and thus to particular imponderables. You can therefore expect from us, on the one hand, an unerring assessment of the risks involved and, on the other hand, a legally secure drafting and implementation of the contractual agreements in accordance with your interests, optimising the transaction, especially from a tax point of view.

Mastering precisely this very special playing field in an international context challenges us and has given us particular pleasure for many years. Every project is unique, a "special production" just for you.

Our special focus is on exclusive real estate by the sea in Dalmatia/Croatia. We offer access to selected real estate by the sea in Dalmatia, which is not published anywhere on the Internet, but only marketed discreetly directly with a special care.

We have been operating in CROATIA for over 10 years and also serve our international clientele through the Split office.

We accompany you personally and at eye level, with the necessary empathy far beyond the legal aspect of a respective transaction. We represent your interests, and we do so exclusively. As efficiently, as competently and as transparently as you expect from your lawyer.

Prof. Dr Christoph Ph. Schließmann


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